FSE Strongest Carbon Fiber Wheels

Filament Spin Evolution

Carbon Fiber 2.0 - The most advanced carbon fiber manufacturing process available has come to carbon fiber bike wheels. FSE Carbon Fiber is lighter, stiffer and stronger than outdated layup carbon fiber...which most other manufacturers use as of now.

FSE Carbon Fiber bike wheels

Lighter + Stronger = Faster

Up to 200 grams lighter than conventional layup carbon fiber rims.
40% Stronger
40% Laterally Stiffer
100% Waste Free Manufacturing Process

New Carbon Fiber Method

Computer controlled high tension resin impregnated carbon fibers spin around a charged mandrel.  This is the most advanced method for manufacturing carbon fiber bike wheels possible.

Old Carbon Fiber Method

Error prone hand carbon layup involving 32+ steps, 20+ separate pieces that all need gluing and baking in multiple passes. Boo!

FSE Carbon Fiber bike wheels process
FSE Carbon Fiber bike wheels hubs

FSE Hubs - Faster

Roll faster, engage with more power quicker. Now with Killer Bees!

Sapim CX-Ray

As light as a titanium spoke...The CX-Ray still receives the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray spokes ideal race spoke and the spoke of choice in the peloton.

sapim cx-ray spokesFSE Carbon Fiber bike wheels

Why are our prices so low? We own the factory!

Road Tubular

$1524 +
  • Starting at 1038 Grams
  • 25mm thru 79mm Deep
  • 25mm Wide
  • FSE 260 SL Hubs
  • UD or 3k Waves

Disc Brake Wheels

  • Starting at 1198 Grams
  • 25mm thru 79mm Deep
  • 25mm Wide
  • FSE 280 SP Hubs
  • UD or 3k
FSE BGneon

FSE - Filament Spin Evolution

The most advanced carbon fiber bike wheels in the world