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Who We Are

We are some great friends with a passion for carbon fiber and all things bikes.  Road, CX, MTB, TT, TRI, FAT, Gravel, Track, Custom…we love them all, own most of them and ride…well, honestly less than we would like to. But, I guess that’s true of every addicted bike rider.

We are over the moon with FSE Filament Spin Evolution carbon fiber.  You will understand in the first 100 meters that these wheels are truly a game changer.

FSE Carbon Fiber bike wheels process

We Are Working On

Filament Spin Carbon Fiber is the future for high performance cycling.  We are developing new technology and products based on our investment in this method and the lesson we have learned from years of research and development.

It all started with a beer at a bike show…then a strong friendship connection…a working partnership…now a family. is a brand of a our main corporation that started in 2006 to provide “original equipment manufacturing” (OEM) to respected cycling brands around the world.  We have been very successful and have strong partnerships with the world’s leading brands.

We never ever stop trying to improve our product, our performance, and quality control.

This is what inspired our search for a better way to make carbon fiber wheels.


Our solution is FSE – Filament Spin Evolution carbon fiber wheels. We knew immediately we were onto something ground breaking. Yet we did not rush the process.  This has been in development for three years. We have been lab and road testing them for over a year. Interbike 2016 was our official launch.

10 years later, best friends are still also partners.  We are now doing the best work of our lives and are tremendously honored and excited to present them to the people we love most…bike riders.



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