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BikeRumor.com: Filament Spin Evolution winds up lighter, stiffer and stronger carbon rims

Posted on www.BikeRumor.com

By Tyler BenedictPosted on – 7:34 pm

Imagine a set of carbon wheels that claims to have 40% better impact strength, be 40% stiffer laterally, and about 20% lighter with a rider weight limit that’s about 30% higher than normal. Think that wheelset would weigh in at 1,035g? That’s what Filament Spin Evolution has done with their 25mm deep tubulars thanks to a non-standard construction method.

FSE isn’t the first brand to do filament wound carbon rim construction, that honor goes to Venn Composites and their REV wheels. FSE’s process brings the process in house using the same process used to create F1 driveshafts and by BMW. It was originally developed by DuPont decades ago, but hasn’t seen widespread use other than limited use by Wound Up forks and tubes for Calfee and a couple other small builders. Dan Kellerby, FSE’s managing partner, says the process loves the cylindrical shape, which is why it worked so well for those products. They were already making rims for other brands using the traditional cut and layup process, but for their own brand they found a way to do filament spinning on the rim shape…

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“Best New Bike Gear” Bike Radar features FSE.bike Wheels

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