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FSE EVO69 Review by Jason Brasel TT Champ

Jason Brasel TN TT Champby Jason Brasel – Tennessee State TT Champ 2015 & 2016 – USA Cycling Results Page

I had the chance to train on the FSE EVO69C clinchers for about two weeks and race the EVO69T Tubulars at the Pensacola, FL Stage Race. My initial impressions were very favorable – I’m looking forward to riding these wheels more in the coming season.
My first observation about these wheels is that I forgot I was riding them – that is, when I was out spinning solo or sitting in the peloton, they spin so easily that they don’t draw attention to themselves.
We’ve all been on wheelsets that do the opposite, in a very negative way – they feel sluggish, or they are overly flexy. The FSE EVO69T were the opposite – so smooth that I was just focused on the sensations of my legs without worrying about my equipment. I suspect this is a combination of the low weight (remarkably low for such a deep wheelset) and the hub design.
There was absolutely no noticeable flex…
My second observation about these wheels is just how fast and stiff they are. This was really apparent on race day. With about 10k to go I bridged to a late move that held off the chasing field – we averaged 28 mph for the last 15 minutes of the race and that’s when I really got to see these wheels shine. There was absolutely no noticeable flex in the wheels when I attacked to get across to the break. Once the break was established, I could really feel the difference the deep section rims made in terms of aerodynamics – these wheels just want to go fast!
My overall impressions of these wheels is consistent with my overall impressions of FSE wheels in general – very fast hubs, ultra light rims, fast braking and solid builds make these great wheels. When the racing is flat and fast, the FSE EVO69s are going to be my go-to wheel.