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FSE – Filament Spin Evolution

NEXT-GEN Carbon Fiber

Faster  •   Lighter   •   40% Stronger   •   40% Stiffer

AERO profile   •   More Control   •   26.65mm wide

Cliché alert. Yeah, OK, but FSE Wheels truly ARE a game changer, a massive leap forward in technology.

Approved by the United Cycliste Internationale – UCI

FSE Carbon Fiber bike wheels process

FSE  – Filament Spin Evolution – a completely new process for carbon wheels that is computer controlled with 100% accuracy.

The old way? Factory workers hand gluing hundreds of pieces of carbon together – often creating many dangerous voids, errors and malfunctions. Boo!

Carbon fiber was invented in 1963.  For bikes not much has changed since then.  The carbon wheels, and most of the bike frames, are made this way today.

FSE Strongest Carbon Fiber Wheels

FSE – Filament Spin Evolution.  Over 5 years in research and development.  Proprietary manufacturing and quality control equipment designed and patented by FSE to make them perfect.

100% Percent satisfaction guarantee.

2 Year warranty

Free crash replacement program

Big guys rejoice!  30% higher max riding weight!  Ride in confidence.

Cyclocross Strong

Gravel Road ready

26.65mm wide Road wheels strong enough for all three discipline yet lighter than any same sized carbon wheels now available

Faster rolling… FSE hubs – our own design – up to 3 times more than the most popular brands. FSE hubs have lower rolling resistance and faster engagement…saving you energy to crush the competition at the final sprint.  Or simply ride further with the same effort.

Sapim CX-RAY spokes lightest yet strongest spokes available.  Stronger – Faster – Aero



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