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Norman Alvis Ride Report

FSE 69mm Clinchers Ride Report 1:
I got out for a short ride. I’ve been under the weather so I limited my effort. The climbs I do most often had a head/cross wind which indicate the downhills would be a good test, as in fast.  I had my tires at 95 psi. I have a conti gp4000II at 25mm in the back and a Michelin pro4 service course (medium rubber softness) at 26mm in front.

Within 100 meters two sensations were readily apparent. The ride felt more solid than normal and I could feel my bike respond differently to my cadence. I actually noticed the responsiveness of the wheels. This surprised me and I’m guessing it is the combination of the wheels being both lighter and stiffer. I think that a rider will notices differences like that mostly within the first minutes of riding.

I could feel the bike walk away from a little when I’d stand up on a climb, an interesting feeling. When I’m ready to go full throttle again up a hill I’m looking forward to what times I turn. I live in a very nice part of Colorado Springs for bike riding so I ride the same roads and hills all the time.  Consequently I am highly aware of how fast I’m going for how the wind is and how accustomed to how the road feels.

The two downhill segments I was able to do I aimed to see how comfortable the wheels felt at speed and in the wind. I was impressed. These were not the strongest tailwinds I get on theses two descents but I was only 1 second off my fastest times. These are short descents of 1 minute and 1.5 minutes but I reach speeds over 50 mph with corners and one is rough pavement.

The wheels feel good at speed and I think they will complement my sprint really well. It will take more riding to get a sense of how well the wheels corner but I like what I felt in the corners today.

Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/715701106


https://www.strava.com/activities/731261286 – 2 KOM set

Ride Report 2:

The 69mm Wheelset felt very good. That said I’m a bit less fit than a month ago but when I went full gas on a few of my segments I put some decent time into previous PRs. They are fast.  I still get the solid cornering feel from the deep wheels.

35mm Clinchers
Today I rode the 35mm wheels. They really surprised me. They feel very quick and I can hardly wait to race on them. The funny thing is the feel, like they roll really fast. I actually set a strava all time record on a downhill!  This is not an out of the way segment either. It’s not long but I felt so stable at speed (max of 48 mph) that I had no problem giving full gas at high speed. I’m eager to feel how they sprint in a race.

35mm on Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/732456552 – KOM set 

FSE Braking

I rode a few days on my 7.8 ENVEs again for comparison sake. I have to tell you that there’s a striking difference in the braking. FSE is considerably more responsive to braking. Braking is not much of a focus for me and generally I only pay attention to being able to scrub off a little speed sometimes. I don’t do long descents bc I don’t road race much, particularly not in the high mountains.  Oh, and my bike feels damn heavy with the Enve wheels!