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Norman Alvis Endorses FSE Filament Spin Wheels

Norman Alvis has given his endorsement of FSE Filament Spin Evolution Wheels.  Norman is one of the brave United States men that put USA cycling on the world stage.  He was a member of the legendary 7 Eleven Team. 4 Grand Tours, 9 Classics including Paris-Roubaix.  He understands intimately the rigors of professional road bike racing and the demands of the worlds most powerful riders.

Norman set the United States Hour Record in 1997 in a pace so blistering that it stood until September 16, 2016, with the aid of the latest aero and carbon advances.

Norman also won the 1995 USA Road Championship in a breakaway with a team mate leaving the heavily favored Lance Armstrong in 3rd place.

Alvis had 10-year professional career, which stretched from 1989 through 1998, he rode two years for 7-Eleven, four years for Motorola and with Saturn for his final four years. His four Grand Tours, included the Giro d’Italia three times between 1990 and 1993, and the Tour de France in 1990.

Norman Alvis

Norman is now a strong masters racer, a bank Managing Director & Senior Portfolio Manager, founding partner of ZUUUM Club Cycling, husband and father. Norman works, lives and rides in Colorado’s front range.

While he used to be a road racer and time trial specialist as a maters rider Norman shares that he has become a sprinter with Criteriums now his specialty.  in 2016 he lined up for 27 races this year and won seven of them. He was on the podium for another 7 as well. Norman races in the 50’s, 40’s Masters and also the open/pro category.

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