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EVO 45CD Extralite Carbon Clincher Disc Brake Wheelset



Be Safe & Get Dirty

Extralite Hubs + FSE Rims + Sapim CX-Ray = Lightest, Strongest Wide Clinchers

The FSE carbon fiber method makes our rims more than 40% stronger and stiffer than any other layup carbon fiber rim.  At 1258 only grams in weight and yet 26.65 MM wide and disc brake.  Match the strength, stiffness and light weight of FSE rims with Sapim CX-Ray Spokes and Italian precision Extralite hubs and you have a wheelset beyond compare.

(Rims will have no brake track. Photos are of rim brake rims, new photos on the way.)


Filament Spin Evolution Carbon Fiber

700C Clincher
45mm Deep
25mm Wide
3k Waves or UD Matte Finish
Weight: 460 grams each

Roundness: <0.3mm
Offset: <0.2mm
Max tension: [rim] 300kgf [spoke] front: 100kgf rear: 140kgf

HyperRear2 161 grams

Hyper Front 74 grams

Material: special 7075TXX.

Available Drillings: 32H – 28H -24H.

Frame standards: 135x10mm or QR12 (142mm, 142+, X-12).

Cassette standards: Shimano 8-9-10s or Sram XD-Drive (XX1).

Micro-Tuner: easy to set external bearing preload system.

Internal sealing: 2xRS soft-touch NBR seals on each bearing.

External sealing: polyurethane Lip seal / Soft-Touch o-ring.

Freewheel: hyper engineered front engagement system, 36 engagement positions.

Axle construction: multi-shaped, 17mm, rectifyed to micro tolerances.

Bearings: 2×17-30 heavy duty + 2×17-26 2RS sealed stainless cartridges.

Finishing: “hart coat” sides, black anodized body.

Graphics: laser etched.

Available versions:

HyperRear2 (standard 135mm, 10mm dropouts) Shimano 10s compatible.

HyperRear2 QR12 (standard 142, 142+, X-12) Shimano 10s compatible.

HyperRear2 XD (standard 135mm, 10mm dropouts) Sram XX1 XD-Drive compatible.

HyperRear2 QR12-XD (standard 142, 142+, X-12) Sram XX1 XD-Drive compatible.

Sapim CX-Ray Spokes
Sapim SILS Nipples Polyax 14mm Black
210 grams per set
(24 front, 24 rear)

Standard: Radial for front
Radial for rear non-drive side, 2X drive side
(2:1 Ratio) for rear, 16 cross X 2 lace drive side
8 spokes radially laced non drive side

2 Year Warranty
Pressure: Maximum pressure 130psi
Max Recommended Rider Weight: 260 lbs.

Filament Spin Evolution

Next Gen Carbon Fiber - Computer Controlled Carbon fibers are bathed in resin before spinning around a proprietary mandrel resulting in 100% efficiency and maximum quality.

Lightest Carbon

Less is Lighter! 100% accuracy in our carbon fiber process means less resin and material waste.

Stronger & Stiffer

MORE CONTROL. FSE Wheels are uncanny in their cornering performance due to their lateral stiffness thanks to the Filament Spin Evolution carbon process. HIGH SPEED WOBBLE is practically eliminated. SHARP CORNERING now feels effortless.

º240C Hi TG Resin

SAFER. High Temperature resin and stringer carbon allows for excellent heat handling and dissipation.


Filament Spin Evolution method carbon fiber is a far more energy efficent way to build carbon fiber. Only one oven process is used. The FSE method also produces much less waste as it is computer controlled to 100% quality.

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Weight 10.5 lbs
Dimensions 33 x 8 x 26 in
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