Norman Alvis – Race Season Report

Norman Alvis – Race Season Report

The 2017 road racing season has come to a close here in Colorado and it was my best season ever; 11 wins in 29 races with another 5 podium placings. I’ve become an excellent field sprinter since I upgraded to FSE wheels which I raced exclusively this season. The first time I rode FSE wheels I noticed immediately how responsive they are. This surely helped my jump when it comes to the start of the sprint.

As the season wore on though, I realized the greater value in the wheels, top end speed. I posted many of the race finishes on Instagram, @crit_master. You’ll notice that most riders don’t ride as deep a rim as I do. Initially, I was skeptical about deeper rims and how they may handle. I never once had an issue with handling the FSE 79s in a criterium though and the 79s became my go to wheel. That my top end speed was noticeably higher than the rest of the field became obvious by the end of the season. I simply had no interest in riding a slower and shallower wheel. When the sprint was on the rest of the field would hit a top speed before I did and I could roll right past them.

I’m somewhat torn by this. I kind of don’t want everyone else to know so please don’t post my comments…


Norman Alvis