Engage the Killerbees! FSE Hubs are Faster (& Louder)

Engage the Killerbees! FSE Hubs are Faster (& Louder)

FSE hubs feature a much faster “engagement” or “pick-up” courtesy of our proprietary design element. Engagement is the amount you need to turn your cassette via pedaling before the freehub ratchet engages and transmits torque to the rear wheel. The number of teeth in a ratchet determines how quickly the hub engages. Here is the rub… some hub manufacturers try to increase the number of ratchets, however, this makes for weaker ratchets and hub failures as many companies have unfortunately discovered.

So here what our resident genius design wizards came up with…We use “triple notched” pawls that engage with three teeth at a time, spreading the load and reducing the force applied to each individual tooth. Brilliant!

Killerbees – the sound of power!

The added benefit to the triple notches is a very cool buzzing sound that most our riding buddies and test rider have dubbed “Killerbees

Another new feature from FSE is a new steel wear plate for Shimano-fit freehubs, essentially an “anti-bite” guard. Why? The low splines of Shimano’s freehub design are subject to huge stresses from the cassette, which is why Shimano makes most of its freehubs from hard steel. Steel is heavier than aluminum, so many aftermarket manufacturers choose to use the latter for their freehubs, despite its susceptibility to damage from cogs digging into the splines. An anti-bite guard attempts to address this, with minimal weight gain.

FSE Hubs Are Faster. The lowest rolling resistance we have ever tested combined with the power for the Killerbees, revolutionary FSE EVO Rims and Sapim CX Ray Spokes make them simply unbeatable.