Bike News Today: FSE Filament Spins Up Carbon Fiber Gravel-Specific Wheelset

Bike News Today: FSE Filament Spins Up Carbon Fiber Gravel-Specific Wheelset (United States) - Press Release: The G40/30X is stronger, lighter, and wider than your traditional gravel and cyclo-cross wheel. They are made with their carbon fiber filament spinning process that is superior to the traditional layup carbon fiber method. has designed and manufactured an all-new gravel-specific carbon fiber wheelset using their “next-gen” filament spin evolution process. The G40/30X is a 700c tubeless wheelset that is 40mm deep, 30mm wide outside of the rim and 25 mm wide on the inside of the rim providing the best of aero depth and full control width. They weigh only 1340 grams and represent the highest quality of our revolutionary carbon filament spinning process.

“We love gravel riding. No traffic, no fixed track and America’s beautiful outdoors… it might be our favorite way to ride. Ride our wheels and you will immediately sense the confidence on rougher terrain even though it’s an ultra-light set up. With large volume tires becoming popular in the off-road space, we wanted to provide the perfect width of rim to accommodate just that. We feel we hit the sweet spot with a 30mm wide rim that is the perfect host for 32 to 40mm tires”. – Dan Kellerby, FSE Owner.

The wheels come with no rim bed spoke holes, which allows riders to run a tubeless set up without rim tape. The FSE design basically eliminates the chance of burping a tire, giving riders the preferred option to run lower tire pressures.

The G40/30X wheelset accommodates virtually all bike setups with the options of quick release or 12mm and 15mm thru axles. Switching between thru axle sizes could not be easier with these wheels. To go from QR, 12mm to 15mm you just pop out a spacer on the front wheel or slide out the axle on the rear. This feature is great for the riders who have different road, gravel or cyclo-cross bike frame setups.

Initial feedback on the performance of the wheels has been over the moon. Current gravel pro riders are racing the G40/30X around the world.

The G40/30X start at $1,295 and are quite affordable considering the quality and durability value. Customers can find them in-store at select retailers and online at FSE.Bike website.