Bike Radar: Joe's Incredible Scott Scale Upgraded Ultralight XC Racer

Bike Radar: Joe's Incredible Scott Scale Upgraded Ultralight XC Racer

BikeRadar review of the FSE 30XC Extralite MTB:

"Now we're onto upgrades, and the first is the FSE 30XC Extralite wheels. FSE, or Filament Spin Evolution are a small company owned by a chap called Dan Kellerby. The unique part about the wheels are that they are filament wound. Dan is pretty cagey about giving any more information out about why filament winding is really good, obviously he wants to protect his idea.

But so far, I have really liked the wheels. For one thing they are incredibly light, weighing in at 1,190 grams for a pair of 30XC Race wheels. The rims are 30 mm deep and 22 millimeters wide. So not hugely wide when you compare them to other wheels, but they perform really well, and yeah, I've got no complaints about them so far.

One thing I wasn't so sure about when I first got the wheels, but have now come to love is the fact that the rim bed is fully sealed, which means no messing around with tubeless tape. Obviously, this does mean that replacing spokes can be quite difficult. The only way you can do it is by attaching a little bit of old spoke onto a new nipple, dropping it into the valve hole and then using a magnet to pull it round to pull it through the new spoke hole. That can be a bit of a pfaff, but I probably break maybe one spoke a year, but I spend a lot of time replacing tires and having to re-tape rims, so I prefer the pfaff of replacing one spoke, rather than re-taping the rim every couple of months when I change tires or change tubeless sealant. And so far they haven't lost any air, so sealed rim beds are a big thumbs up from me.

I haven't done enough miles on these wheels to pass a full verdict, but I'm really impressed with them so far and I think they could be

- Joe Norledge, BikeRadar

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