FSE 260 V2 Freehub Body



FSE 260 version 2 free hubs feature a new steel wear plate for Shimano-fit freehubs, essentially an “anti-bite” guard. Why? The low splines of Shimano’s freehub design are subject to huge stresses from the cassette, which is why Shimano makes most of its freehubs from hard steel. Steel is heavier than aluminum, so many aftermarket manufacturers choose to use the latter for their freehubs, despite its susceptibility to damage from cogs digging into the splines. An anti-bite guard attempts to address this, with minimal weight gain.

Special Details

Filament Spin Evolution

Next Gen Carbon Fiber - Computer Controlled Carbon fibers are bathed in resin before spinning around a proprietary mandrel resulting in 100% efficiency and maximum quality.

Lightest Carbon

Less is Lighter! 100% accuracy in our carbon fiber process means less resin and material waste.

Stronger & Stiffer

MORE CONTROL. FSE Wheels are uncanny in their cornering performance due to their lateral stiffness thanks to the Filament Spin Evolution carbon process. NO HIGH SPEED WOBBLE. SHARP CORNERING now feels effortless.

º240C+ Hi Temp Brakes

SAFER. High Temperature resin and stringer carbon allows for excellent heat handling and dissipation.


Filament Spin Evolution method carbon fiber is a far more energy efficent way to build carbon fiber. Only one oven process is used. The FSE method also produces much less waste as it is computer controlled to 100% quality.