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Which Wheels are best for CX / CycloCross?

This is a big question now in CX world. Our riders use both the G40/30X and our standard clincher tubeless disc wheels such as the 35CTD. The difference is: G40/30X was designed to be disc and never clincher rim brake so it is lighter. It runs at low psi and must be used tubeless much like a MTB wheel. The FSE 35CTD can be run as clincher with a tube or tubeless. Uses higher pressure (80 to 90psi) – this same rims is used for our rim brake road models. But BOTH are great for CX and buyers seem to be split down the middle, but the G40/30X is gaining fastest and is future forward.

I use Campagnolo brakes, will the included brake pads be compatible?

Yes, if you select a Campagnolo freehub we will include Campagnolo compatible brake pads.

You have such amazing reviews, why are you prices so low?

Factory direct pricing. We literally own the factory...it's small but it's ours.
Dealer Direct - We do not use middleman distributors to jack up the price.
Streamlined staffing, operations and inventory.

What is the recommended tire pressure?

Go Lower, Go Faster Our studies confirm the industry wide acceptance of lower pressures begin faster, in fact there are now thousands of pages of data on the internet confirming that higher pressures are actually slower and offer less control. When you ride your tires climb and fall over every small bump on the road, high pressure tires are actually robbing your energy by bouncing over every bump, where as a tire at a lower pressure deforms over the bumps. This not only provides a smoother ride, it’s actually faster and safer by provide more control. Only rims are 26.65mm wide in sizes 35mm deep and higher, this allows for lower pressures not available in the old days of 18mm wide rims. We feel that going as low as you can reasonably go without causing yourself lots of pinch flats is actually the best option. With lower pressures you also have much higher levels of grip so you have more control on descents and corners, a major benefit being less fatigue and riding faster for longer. The maximum pressure for our wheels with standard clincher tires with inner tubes is 120psi, however, the best performance is achieved below 110psi for all riders. Maximum pressure for using our wheels with TUBELESS tires with 2 oz of sealant (max) is 100psi, but best performance is achieved below 100psi for all riders. Before installing tires please also check with your tire manufacturer, chances are their maximum pressure are even lower than ours.

What Bearings do you use?

We use EZO Stainless steel bearings! Model number per hub as follows:

260 Rear 4 x 6802
260 Front 2 x 6801
300 Rear 2 x 6802 and 2 x 6902
300 Front 4 x 688
420 Rear 2 x 6802 and 2 x 6902
420 Front 2 x 6803
400 Rear 4 x 6902
400 Front s x 6902

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