The initial drive for this project was to find a way to have automation provide 100% accurate quality control and to make a superior rim. Filament winding was part of that solution. Multiple patents have followed since 2012 including even the resin.

The rims and manufacturing technique is the result of a large R&D team of scientists, chemists, engineers, production managers, scholars, experts, designers and test riders around the globe.  The project team decided it was best to do a complete rethink the process of making carbon fiber rims including the ingredients.

Massive warehouse sized high-tech computer controlled machines had to be invented from the ground up.  The in-place methods of filament wound carbon would not work for bicycle rims.

The production line spans several large warehouse rooms. The carbon fiber thread creels are tension controlled as they head to the resin bath room.  Then they head to the winding machines themselves.  EPS mandrels are later compressed and pulled away after the rims has cured.

The first problem to solve was clincher braking.  The is the holy grail of carbon fiber rims.  The main issue being heat buildup of long braking periods during fast descents.  Most available rims start to fail at 160º C.  We reached out to university research departments, chemical corporations and technical institutes to develop a new resin with the highest thermal glass point (TG) in the industry.  The result is a resin that is stable past 240º…a dramatic improvement that solves delamination completely.

The resin is also stronger and because of the automated winding process is evenly applied to every stand of carbon fiber leaving a lighter stronger rim.

No carbon threads are cut or broken and voids are completely eliminated yet another element to the overall strength of our rims.

The entire process is automated including the spoke hole drilling.  Computer controlled drills can provide precise spoke angles specific per hub brand used.  This provides yet more strength to the build.

From early on we knew the team was onto something very special.  We have been cutting up, road testing and racing the prototypes since late 2014. We made some tweaks based off that testing including a clincher braking process that only Filament Spin Evolution rims can provide.

With thousands of hard miles under our belt we felt confident to launch at Interbike 2016 and already we have US dealers set up coast to coast with more adding daily.  The wheels speak for themselves.