FSE 69/79T Tubular Road Bike Wheels - 2019 Closeout - $600 OFF!

$1,495.00 $895.00


69mm Front - 79mm Rear

2019 Closeout priced!
$600 OFF!

If you are looking to crush some PRs on your TT bike these tubulars will get it done.  Or make your road bike ultra aero.  At only 1410 grams per wheelset you will suffer no weight penalty even at 69/79mm deep.  Slice open the air and hold speed while saving watts.  Cross winds are muted by the rounded profile. These wheels are all about steady power and aero advantage.


Filament Spin Evolution Carbon Fiber

700C Tubular
69mm Tubular Front
79mm Deep Rear
26.65mm Wide
Weight: 500 grams each

Roundness: <0.3mm
Offset: <0.2mm
Max tension: [rim] 300kgf [spoke] front: 100kgf rear: 140kgf



FSE 260 SL Super Light
2:1 Spoke ratio hub
Shimano 10/11 or Campagnolo 10/11
Proprietary steel wear plate prevents cassette bite
71 grams front
185 grams rear

Sapim CX-Ray Spokes
Sapim SILS Nipples Polyax 14mm Black

Standard: Radial for front
Radial for rear non-drive side, 2X drive side
(2:1 Ratio) for rear, 16 cross X 2 lace drive side
8 spokes radially laced non drive side

2 Year Warranty

Pressure: The maximum pressure for our wheels with standard clincher tires with inner tubes is 120psi, however, the best performance is achieved below 110psi for all riders.

Max Recommended Rider Weight: 280 lbs


Our tubular rim brake wheels are made to order. Please allow approximately 10 days + shipping. Lead times may be longer than normal for sizes over 45mm. A ship date will be provided via email upon order confirmation.

Special Details

Filament Spin Evolution

Next Gen Carbon Fiber - Computer Controlled Carbon fibers are bathed in resin before spinning around a proprietary mandrel resulting in 100% efficiency and maximum quality.

Lightest Carbon

Less is Lighter! 100% accuracy in our carbon fiber process means less resin and material waste.

Stronger & Stiffer

MORE CONTROL. FSE Wheels are uncanny in their cornering performance due to their lateral stiffness thanks to the Filament Spin Evolution carbon process. NO HIGH SPEED WOBBLE. SHARP CORNERING now feels effortless.

º240C+ Hi Temp Brakes

SAFER. High Temperature resin and stringer carbon allows for excellent heat handling and dissipation.


Filament Spin Evolution method carbon fiber is a far more energy efficent way to build carbon fiber. Only one oven process is used. The FSE method also produces much less waste as it is computer controlled to 100% quality.